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‘Pioneering’ is an adjective often used as self-appraisal by publishing companies. It’s an easy word to use and, therefore, an easy word to dismiss. All it takes is a simple surface scratch to discover many so-called pioneers offer nothing different than their competition.

With this in mind, George Media is extremely confident when describing itself as ‘pioneering.’ It’s not our breadth of content, nor is it our cutting-edge design. What makes us revolutionary is our transparency. George Media is the first publisher of digital-only magazine websites to successfully qualify for BPA Worldwide membership.

BPA Worldwide, using Nielsen Online technology, measures all of our websites’ core web metrics, including page impressions, unique browsers, user sessions, user session duration and page duration.

For years, advertisers in digital media had no choice but to buy ads in unverified media. With BPA’s Interactive audit tool, everyone knows exactly how many people are viewing the website.

As BPA Vice President, M. Timothy Peel put it, George Media "…offer[s] the next level of assurance to valued advertisers. Digital-only properties can no longer get away with using their own web measurement programs.”


The Magazines

In our current portfolio of journals, we publish four that are specific to a particular region: The Canadian Business Journal; The American Business Journal; The Australian Business Journal and The African Business Journal. Each title offers readers a glimpse into their local business landscape with monthly news, columns and interviews that inform and inspire local decision makers.

Our fifth magazine, The International Resource Journal, covers all resource sectors across the globe, including alternative energy, mining, oil and gas and renewable fuels. Each issue features regular columns, profiles of industry associations and industry bodies, and keynote interviews with corporate leaders running successful local and international enterprises.


The Readership

Personal links to each of the magazines are sent electronically to a collective 340,000 senior executives from medium to large corporations within each of the magazines regions and sectors. Those executives who choose to read the magazine, approximately 80 per cent on average, combined with readers who independently access the magazines online, account for an average of 2,000,000 unique readers each month.


The History

Aided by just five colleagues, George Media’s President, Michael Alexander-Jones, launched George Media in the summer of 2008 with the intention of producing and distributing a single online business magazine, The Canadian Business Journal.

Eighteen months later, George Media now employs 40 fulltime staff, produces five publication websites, conducts business across six continents and attracts a combined monthly audience of over 2 million audited readers accessing the publication websites online.

For a more detailed look at the growth and milestones of George Media, please click here George News.

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