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June Issue of The Canadian Business Journal Now Online

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO - The June issue of The Canadian Business Journal is available at www.cbj.ca. Click here to enter the publication directly.

Our cover story focuses on the global export opportunities that await many Canadian SMEs, despite the fact just 4% currently engage in the process. We get the word from such leaders as Ford Canada President & CEO Dianne Craig and Google Canada Managing Director Sam Sebastian about how international trade continues to evolve.

Much of the discussion on talent development in recent years has focused on training, coaching and mentoring. Contributor Mark Burden examines a new angle of talent development while Melonie Dodaro provides expertise on how to build a social media following. Mergers & Acquisitions professional Mark Borkowski provides solid advice for people who are thinking about selling their family business.

This edition also has an in-depth discussion with the president and CEO of Alcool New Brunswick Liquor Brian Harriman, who updates us on the many cultural changes that have been taking place at the provincial Crown corporation retailer. Added to that, we hear from a very innovative technology company from Calgary called PCC Group, that refuses to give in to conventional costly methods of doing things but rather has introduced the modular approach, which have saved a great deal of time and money for their clients. There is all of that and much more in the June issue.

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(Marketwired - June 1, 2015)

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