The Canadian Business Journal

As the cornerstone publication of George Media Inc., The Canadian Business Journal (CBJ) is written by Canadians, for Canadians – created monthly for Canada’s top business leaders who want to stay informed of current business news, industry topics and trends.

The magazine offers readers a glimpse into major Canadian industries including construction, energy, food and drink, healthcare, manufacturing and more, through comprehensive profiles of successful Canadian enterprises.

The magazine also features articles and columns from Canadian writers focused on all aspects of the Canadian business landscape, from environmental to legal to safety issues. Through CBJ, readers are able to access illuminating interviews with key public figures and regulatory bodies.

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The International Resource Journal

The International Resource Journal (IRJ) is a unique monthly online publication focused on the global business of alternative energy, mining, oil and gas and renewable energy.  Each monthly issue features regular columns, regional and individual sector focus, profiles of industry associations, industry bodies and keynote interviews with corporate leaders running successful local and international enterprises.

The IRJ keeps readers informed of current industry topics and trends at home and abroad, while offering companies a valuable platform to promote and network their products and services.

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The African Business Journal

The African Business Journal (TABJ) is the latest major digital publication produced by George Media Inc. The magazine was released in February 2010 and targeted to senior executives and business leaders across the continent.  With a high number of anticipated readers, The African Business Journal and will be the leading source for up-to-date news, views and corporate coverage across Africa. The publication will delve into areas of the African business landscape not previously explored by traditional general magazines—highlighting regional business success stories and shedding light on corporate strategy in a burgeoning economy.

TABJ offers readers a glimpse into major African industries, particularly the strong regional agriculture, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors—and is a new and exciting addition to the George Media Network. TABJ will showcase monthly the very best of African industry and promoting all that is good about the emerging markets and growing economy in Africa.

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The American Business Journal

The American Business Journal (ABJ) is the third major digital publication launched by George Media Inc., and read by U.S. executives interested in American business trends and strategy. The magazine focuses on various industry topics and highlights corporate profiles in all U.S. industries including manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and construction, among others.

The magazine also features interviews with America’s top executives and political figures including Governors and municipal leaders. The ABJ feature articles and columns from writers focused on all aspects of the U.S. business landscape, from environmental to legal to safety issues.

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The Australian Business Journal

The Australian Business Journal (AUBJ) is geared toward executives and decision-makers across Australia.  With 300,000 monthly visitors accessing the magazine through AUBJ’s website, The Australian Business Journal is a leading source for up-to-date news, views and business profiles across Australia.

The AUBJ discusses major business and industry issues, and examines the latest in a variety of industries across Australia including energy, food and drink, financial services, agriculture and more. The AUBJ is read by business leaders looking for the latest in business news, trends and industry growth strategy.  The magazine also carries legal, lifestyle, and special interest columns, as well as access to illuminating interviews with public figures and regulatory bodies and industry associations.

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